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Our Important Values

Spiritual Mind Treatment

Affirmative prayer…


We believe Christ has vested the authority of his church in the members of the local congregation, especially as they are reprehom they appoint. Our goals are to: live our daily lives in the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and joyfully follow him.


Over 60 ministries are currently represented at our church. The Ministry to Internationals promotes the diverse and cosmopolitan character of our church, in order that we might increasingly become a “house of prayer for all nations”.

Sunday Celebration

Join us every Sunday morning for a service of celebration, love, and joy.

Services begin at 10AM and run until 11:15. Music, inspirational readings, meaningful messages, and affirmative prayer make for a beautiful time together.

Services are held at our 50 Dudley Street, Cambridge, MA location. The message is also livestreamed on FaceBook Live.

10:00 AM

Before and After the Sunday Celebration

Before Sunday Celebration join us for a time of centering through guided meditation, beginning at 9:45.

After Celebration join us for wonderful fellowship and hospitality, with plentiful healthy food and wonderful loving company.

9:45 meditation and 11:30 hospitality




First Small Group Is Born

In small groups people gather regularly to break bread, study scripture, fellowship and pray as a means of pursuing spiritual growth and healthy relationships together.


Decision To Build A Church

After several years of looking for property, our church founders made a unanimous decision to enlarge the place of our dwelling and expand our building into a better worship place for the whole community.




Opening Of Our Cambridge, MA Location

February 2017…

2013 – 2014

Starting “The Causes” Program

After several years of looking for property, our church founders made a unanimous decision to enlarge the place of our dwelling and expand our building into a better worship place for the whole community.


“The Science of Mind is the study of Life and the nature of the laws of thought; the conception that we live in a spiritual Universe; that God is in, through, around and for us.”  – Dr. Ernest Holmes



Rev. George Stewart

Co-Founder and Spiritual Leader

Rev G…


Rev. Edwin Tanzi

Co-Founder and Spiritual Leader

Rev. Tanzi, better known as Rev. Ed…

You can reach Rev. Ed at RevEd@cslboston.org.


A Religious Science Practitioner is trained in the use of Science of Mind and Spirit principles and Spiritual Mind Treatment (our form of affirmative prayer). Following several years of study and testing, professional practitioners are licensed by the Centers for Spiritual Living. 

A practitioner guides you in taking charge of your life through effective thinking and spiritual understanding. Providing a supportive atmosphere, the practitioner assists you in exploring your own power and potential. The relationship between you and your practitioner is one of professional confidentiality. 

Below you will find CSL Greater Boston’s powerful Practitioners who work on an individual fee basis and invite you to call for private consultation & Spiritual Mind Treatment.  


Rev. Vallerie Benjamin

Licensed Religious Science Practitioner

Rev. Vallerie… add more information here.

Rev. Vallerie can be reached at RevVallerie@cslboston.org.

Penney Shaw, RScP

Penney R. Shaw, RScP

Licensed Religious Science Practitioner

God Glorious Day Beloved. I have been a Practitioner for 6 Years and live my Life immersed in the Principles and Practices of the Science of Mind.  I am so very Blessed and Honored to have found this teaching in the darkest moment of my Life.  I Know it saved me. So, it is with Profound Joy that I share this Philosophy with anyone who asks me “Why are you always so happy.” My Soul’s Delight is to Teach class and to work with all those that are called to share their own personal journey of evolution with me.  Knowing that I Am an Instrument of God’s Love, here to reflect to all those I meet their individualized expression of Divinity, I Joyously await out sacred conversation.  Infinite Blessings Always

Penney can be reached at  401-829-0708 or penneyrshaw@gmail.com


Barbara Fuyat

Licensed Religious Science Practitioner


Barbara can be reached at Barbara@cslboston.org.


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