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February 2019

Spirituality in Action: I Seek the Common Good

Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole New Worldby H.H. Dalai Lama is the book for this month.



” The first principle is the recognition of our shared humanity and our shared aspiration to happiness and the avoidance of suffering: the second is the understanding of interdependence as a key feature of human reality, including our biological reality. From these two principles we can learn to appreciate the inextricable connection between our own well-being and that of others, and we can develop a genuine concern for others’ welfare.”


February 3, 2019



I am One with all that is. My thoughts, words, and actions are filled with harmony, love, beauty, warmth, and order. I touch the world with love and compassion. ~Rev. C.C. Coltrain


Selected quotes from Dr. Ernest Holmes

  • There is nothing in the universal order that denies the individual’s good, or self-expression, so long as such self-expression does not contradict the general good, does not contradict Goodness Itself.  There is nothing in the Universe that denies us the right to be happy, if our happiness does not deny or interfere with the general good.  The Universe remains unlimited, though the whole world has suffered a sense of limitation.  The Science of Mind (1938) (p. 161.3)
  • Life is an eternal givingness, the offering of the cosmic Self to the joy of Its own fulfillment.  You are I are part of this joy and we find fulfillment only as this joy passes through us to others.  Everything moves in circles.  We short-circuit our own good when we refuse to pass it on.  A Holmes Reader on Practical Wisdom (1996)  (p. 42)
  • Developing confidence in ourselves, in our ability to meet and handle all undesirable situations, requires that we must have confidence in that Something which is greater than we are.  Then we will have spiritual self-reliance.  When this is done the lesser must always submit to the greater.  Weakness will give way to strength, despair will turn to hope, hate will become love, failure will become success, and sickness will dissolve into health.  The action that takes place is not one of despotic or overruling harshness, but one that moves in harmony, love, beauty, warmth, and order, quietly transforming all that is unlike it.  The Spiritual Universe and You (1971) p. 51.2



February 10, 2019

Recognition of Our Shared Humanity


“As I know the Truth of my being and my Oneness with the Divine, I bring my inner divinity to all of humanity.”  ~ Rev. G Stewart


A human being is part of the whole, called by us ‘universe,’ a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as
something separate from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. ~Albert Einstein



February 17, 2019

Understanding Our Interdependence


Today I live as if my life and that of everyone and everything, everywhere, depends on it.  Because it does! ~Rev. Johana Janssen


A New Design for Living (1959)

The indwelling God is the greatest single factor in our whole lives.  It means that there is nothing between us and God, there is no intermediary, there is no place to go to find God. God already exists in the midst of us and if we would try to seek Him elsewhere it would be like God trying to hunt for Himself.  God is not lost, and neither are we lost or separated from God.  The more completely we are able to see God in everything, the more completely will the One God in all things respond to us.  (p. 173.2)

It’s Up to You! (1968):

A successful man will be at peace, and because he is at peace he will be happy; and because he is happy he will be surrounded by happy circumstances.  He will have a sufficient consciousness of substance that his environment will reflect a degree of supply sufficient to enable him to have those things which make for a fuller life, whether we call it much or little.  A successful man will have such a consciousness of the unity of good that this consciousness will find its objective correspondent in friendship, in love, in human interest.  (p. 19.3)

Science of Mind (1938):

We think of Spirit as Absolute, Self-Conscious Intelligence.  We think of Soul as receptive to Intelligence and the Intelligence as always acting upon It.   Spirit and Soul intersphere each other and both have omnipresence.  The Spirit of the Universe permeates the Soul of the Universe, forever impregnating It with ideas.  The Soul of the Universe is the “Holy Womb of Nature,” producing the forms which appear in the manifest universe.  (p. 88.2; also in “Creative Process”)

 Life is ever giving of Itself.  We must receive, utilize, and extend the gift. – Science of Mind (Glossary, pg. 662)

Our good will comes to us in such measure as we ourselves measure it out in our own experience.  (SOM Magazine, Aug. 1998, p. 8)



February 24, 2019

What Is The Common Good?


I offer Love and Kindness to myself every day. Knowing I am one with all; I offer Love and Kindness to all and everything. And so it is. ~Rev. Lynne Heygster


Selected quotes from Dr. Ernest Holmes

“All life is bound together by One common Law of Love, and Love is the Self-Givingness of Spirit. It was the realization of the One Presence with illumined the saints and sages of the past. “I and the Father are One.” … We must come to sense the marvelous Presence, for this is the secret of successful metaphysical work (and all work in life): God in all and through all.” (SOM 330.4)

“All individuality merges into universality. All forms are rooted in one common creative Mind and the Spirit of God is the Spirit of Man.” (SOM 413.1)

“The happy outlook on life is always constructive; the understanding heart is filled with sympathy and helpfulness toward all. An evolved soul judges no one, condemns no one, but realizes that all are on the road to experience, seeking the same goal, and that each must ultimately find his home in Heaven.” (SOM 434.1)