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Where Humanity and Divinity Meet


April 2018 Theme and Resources

Where Humanity and Divinity Meet

Living the Science of Mind by Dr. Ernest Holmes is the source for inspiration for this month’s theme.

Additional Recommended Reading: Happiness is an Inside Job by Sylvia Boorstein




April 1, 2018

The Lord Is My Shepherd


I am safe and secure, knowing that God shines the light, holds my hand, and guides my heart. ~Carol Thomas, Member, CSL Greater Boston


Living the Science of Mind, by Dr. Ernest Holmes, pg. 148. A portion of that reading is…

A shepherd cares for his sheep lovingly and kindly; feeds and shelters them and tends them if they are ill. Throughout the Bible we find references to the Shepherd as a loving Presence, guiding, guarding, and keeping. The sheep do not worry; they are not afraid, for they have a sense of being cared for, a feeling of security. When we let the Lord of all creation take care of us we are following the Good Shepherd, who knows his sheep and loves then.


April 8, 2018

The Individual and The Universal


I know there is One Universal Mind inclusive of all.  It expresses as me, in me and is me.  Therefore, All is One and One is All. ~Vicky Barrios, Member, CSL Greater Boston


Living the Science of Mind, by Dr. Ernest Holmes, pg. 151. A portion of that reading is…

We individualize the Universal and Universalize the individual. This sounds like rather an abstract statement until we understand its simplicity. The ancients said that every man is a microcosm within a Macrocosm, a little world within a Big World, or an individual with the Universal… There is no such thing as an individual anything in the Universe. For instance, we as individuals do not have an individual gravitational force that holds us in place. We do not possess an individual law of mathematics or principle of harmony. Rather we are immersed in all of these things, and they individualize through us in accord with the use we make of them.


April 15, 2018

God Talks to the Heart


Daily I take time to become still in my mind to listen to the “The Still Small Voice”speak in the language of “Love, Peace, Harmony, and Truth. I feel light and my day is bright.” ~Rev. Vallerie Benjamin, CSL Greater Boston


Living the Science of Mind, by Dr. Ernest Holmes, pg. 164. A portion of that reading is…

While we admire the intellect, we must realize that the intellect is not the creative factor in the Universe. Rather, it is feeling that is creative…. The real creative power of the mind is deeper than the intellect. It passes into the realm of feeling and acceptance, yet it is the intellect or the self-conscious faculties that must speak the word in order that every obstruction may be cleared away. We could coin no better expression than to say that God speaks to the heart through a language of feeling, a feeling which is affirmative.




April 22, 2018

How Old Are You?


Moment to moment, I activate and increase my mental and physical capacity by the renewing of my mind. I am reversing my biological age by changing my perception of my body, its aging and time. ~Char Caver, Member, CSL Greater Boston


Living the Science of Mind, by Dr. Ernest Holmes, pg. 173. A portion of that reading is…

We are told that each cell of the physical body is completely replaced every fourteen months. It seems funny, does it not, to think that no one is even a year and a half old, physically. We are also told that there is no reason to suppose that our minds grow old; that the mind is as young at ninety as it is at nine; that the only thing that is added to it is experience. Most psychologists agree that we learn less rapidly as years advance, but just as certainly and just as accurately. Some of the scientific minds today are telling us that, while time exists, age does not; that in reality time is not a way of measuring years and months and days, but rather a measurement of experience in a limitless life.



April 29, 2018

Build Your Tomorrow Today


I awaken to the Divine within me and recognize its Presence in all of my life, expressing more and more good in, through, and around me, as me. ~Nan Hutton, Th.D, Member, CSL Greater Boston


Living the Science of Mind, by Dr. Ernest Holmes, pg. 190. A portion of that reading is…

Even as what we did yesterday set the Law of Life in motion to create what we are doing today, so what we are doing today sets this same Law in motion to create what will happen to us tomorrow. What we did yesterday is carried over into today only because we give our consent to it. What we are thinking and doing today can create the kind of tomorrow we wish to experience if we will change our outlook on life.

But since today is the only day in which we live, and yesterday has forever passed, the change that we need to make within ourselves must be made today.