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Living the Science of Mind


January Theme and Resources

Living the Science of Mind

Living the Science of Mind by Dr. Ernest Holmes is the source for inspiration for this month’s theme and the anchor book for the 2018.




January 7, 2018

What is Science of Mind


I place before me the goodness of life and know that it must become my experience. I therefore live my life in accordance to the values of God and refuse to compromise the principle of good for my own satisfaction.


Living the Science of Mind, by Dr. Ernest Holmes, pg. 1.  A portion of that reading is…

The Science of Mind is comparatively new, but the mental experience of the Invisible Universe is as old as the history of man. It is new in that for the first time in history we have put together all findings which contribute to the establishment of man’s relationship with the Universe, to the end that he may be able to apply his spiritual understanding to the everyday problems of human life.



January 14, 2018

Science of Mind – Using It


There is a power for good in the Universe, greater than I am and I AM USING IT FOR GOOD!


Living the Science of Mind, by Dr. Ernest Holmes, pg. 7.  A portion of that reading is…

It is not enough for an electrician to say he believes in electricity, that he believes it to be an ever-present reality or energy, or that it can run all the machinery in the world; it is necessary for him to apply his understanding of electricity for the definite purpose of producing light, heat and motive power…. We must not only believe that God, or Divine Reality is all Power; because his thought is God-power flowing through his individualized will and imagination.



January 21, 2018

Science, Superstition, and Common Sense


I allow the Divine Wholeness to flow through me in ever-widening circles of activity. Every good I hae experienced is now increased. Every good that has come into my life is now multiplied. ~Dr. Ernest Holmes.


Living the Science of Mind, by Dr. Ernest Holmes, pg. 15.  A portion of that reading is…

There was a time when theology taught that there was a devil, a hell, a limbo, a purgatory, and a paradise. Because ages on end believed this, it created a pattern in the collective unconscious which influenced everyone. They were born with this idea, and as a matter of fact this theory has never yet been entirely cleared up. There are countless thousands who still adhere to this superstition.



January 28, 2018

Thinking Affirmatively


I claim and affirm that I am worthy, capable and loved. Who I am is enough. I approve of myself.


Living the Science of Mind, by Dr. Ernest Holmes, pg. 18. A portion of that reading is…

First, let us begin with the thought that we are all united with an Invisible Force which is creative, and that we are already One with a Universal Mind which can do anything. Next, let us consider that we are centers within this Mind, and that the sum total of all our thoughts is either silently attracting Good to us or repelling it. And third, let us know that we can change our thinking and, in so doing, cause the Law of Good to act affirmatively for us instead of negatively.