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Center for Spiritual Living Practitioners

Practitioner Services

A Religious Science Practitioner is trained in the use of Science of Mind and Spirit principles and Spiritual Mind Treatment (our form of affirmative prayer). Following several years of study and testing, professional practitioners are licensed by the Centers for Spiritual Living. 

A practitioner guides you in taking charge of your life through effective thinking and spiritual understanding. Providing a supportive atmosphere, the practitioner assists you in exploring your own power and potential. The relationship between you and your practitioner is one of professional confidentiality. 

Below you will find CSL Greater Boston’s powerful Practitioners who work on an individual fee basis and invite you to call for private consultation & Spiritual Mind Treatment.  

CSL Greater Boston Practitioners

Barbara Fuyat, RScP
Licensed Religious Science Practitioner
Nan Hutton
Nan Hutton, ThD, RScP
Licensed Religious Science Practitioner

Learning to lean into life with love—whatever comes up—can transform any circumstance. In a spiritual coaching session with me, you describe what you would like to experience in your life—health, financial, relationship, etc. Using the tools of Science of Mind, we’ll explore how to transform your thinking and belief system to help align you with your stated desire. I support your process with affirmative prayer (spiritual mind treatment) and by offering other spiritual practice suggestions.

Whether you are experiencing a challenging time or wish to establish a regular schedule of spiritual coaching, I bring my open-heartedness, confidentiality, and commitment to our work together.  I enjoy being a vessel of spirit and love, a channel in attunement with you, and knowing you as whole, complete and divine.

I have been studying the teachings for over twenty years and for the last four+ years, I have been serving on the CSL Greater Boston Leadership Council (currently as the President and acting Treasurer). The teachings and community have transformed my life and I hope that this is your time and place to experience growth, love, and joy in our CSL community.  

Fee Structure: $95/hour and $50/hour students

I am available for an initial free 20-minute phone, Zoom, or Skype consultation.

Contact: nan@cslboston.org

Barbara Epstein, RScP
Licensed Religious Science Practitioner
Maria McAuliffe, RScP
Licensed Religious Science Practitioner
Liza Swedarsky, RScP
Licensed Religious Science Practitioner
Martine Bernard, RScP
Licensed Religious Science Practitioner
Victoria Barrios, RScP
Licensed Religious Science Practitioner

CSL Greater Boston Practitioner Interns

A Religious Science Practitioner intern has completed the first of two years of practitioner training and is on the path to becoming licensed.

Char Caver